My father Frits was a photographer and later he worked in the gallery. I remember him as a very creative person, he had many different hobby. Not in sport, one of his sayings was “sport is a dirty word”. I can’t remember him listening to music or playing an instrument. His hobbies were creative, he love to make beautiful things. I found a rapport written about my father when he was 12 years old. The conclusion of the therapist was that he was not interested in school, he was always dreaming and looking out of the window. He had to find a profession to work with his hands, how right was that.
He was not specializing in one things but always changed to another skill. He made mosaics, enameling or was polishing stones. He also made a book for us about a king called Koning Kukolorus who had a candy museum. He wrote it and made beautiful drawings and read it to us. He made little figures of the Adams family in clay. He was inspired by Chinese painted eggs and made some himself. He painted wooden boxes, I still use many of them in my house. Later he made lots of painting inspired by Hundertwasser or Klee. All these objects are still around me, a good way to remember him.