Nigeria, Igbo, Ikenga altar figure

The Igbo worship the spirit Ikenga, that brings success in commerce, hunting, crops, war, as well as bringing prosperity. These people honour this spirit on sculpted altars, dedicated to the right hand, the symbol of industriousness. The altar, according to its dimensions, can be found in a collective or individual sanctuary along with other objects linked to the ancestors.
The Ikenga is a character that is always represented with two horns that recall the aggressiveness of male animals. Young men have Ikenga statues made at various ages, but they all own one by the time they get married or leave the family home. The owner of an Ikenga is always a man, but a woman may also benefit from its benevolent spirit.
The owner of the Ikenga makes sacrifices to thank the spirits for the results obtained and to ensure that this continues in the future. Classic offerings were kola nuts that stimulate energy levels.

ex-collection Robert Tervoort, Berg en Dal

15 cm