These bone daggers are made of the leg bone of a cassowary bird. The daggers were used in close combats. They were worn with the help of a bracelet on the upper arm or in a belt around the waist. The dagger is considered an important object with supernatural power and is used at initiations and other important rituals. The daggers with blunt edges were probably only used in rituals.

In the beginning of the twentieth century Mathias Lemaire and Carel van Lier both started their gallery in Amsterdam. Lemaire specialized in his gallery in the Leidsestraat in tribal art and Van Lier combined contemporary and tribal art in his gallery at the Rokin. They were pioneers in promoting tribal art. Now their granddaughters Babet van Lier en Finette Lemaire have joined together in their love of art. Babet runs the beautiful and unique Schelpenmuseum Amsterdam (shell museum Amsterdam) and Finette Lemaire has continued the gallery her grandfather started.
With shells from Babet’s Shells museum and ethnographic objects from the gallery of Finette they have created some surprising combinations.
Please have a look and enjoy.
If you are interested in an object contact Babet van Lier for the shells and Finette Lemaire for the ethnographic art.
Schelpenmuseum Amsterdam
Babet van Lier
Czaar Peterstraat 249
1018 PL Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)20 2384123
M: +31 (0)6 26292271

Porcupinefish (Chilomycterus antennatus), 45 cm, €110

Nautilus pompilius on stand, 20 cm, €250

Vanuatu, Temes nevimbur, 14cm, € 550

Coco de mer, 27 cm, € 850

Sharks jaw, 28 cm, €65

Nautilus pompilius split, 15 cm, €45

Malaita, earplug, coll. late 19th cent. ± 3 cm € 500

Kenya, Masaai stool, 19 cm, € 200

Carrier shell with sponge (Xenophora pallidula), €45

Helmet shell (Cassis cornuta), 24 cm, €65

Admiralty island, Bowl D: 25 cm € 350

Australia, Barkpainting, 30 x 18 cm, € 450

Diadem volute (Melo amphora), 45 cm, Eighty Miles Beach, Australia 1987, €85

Glossus humanus, 9 cm, €30

Sepik, Prow, 42 cm, € 500

DRCOngo, Kuba, Double basket, 18 cm, € 250

Venus’ flower basket, (Euplectella aspergillum), glass sponge, 26 cm, €35

Strombus Goliath, Brasil, 32 cm, €450

Penis gourds, from € 125

Samoa, Fan, 40 cm, € 450

Australian Trumpet Shell (Syrinx Aruanus), 48 cm, €375

Cameo shell (Cypraeacassis rufa), 15,5 cm, €65

Gogodala, Hat, 29 cm, € 550

Sulawesi, Bone, Basket, 25 cm, € 750

Giant sea fan, 110 cm, €250

Spider conch (Lambis lambis), 26 cm, €60

West Australia, Kimberly, Lonka Lonka, 20 cm, € 2500

Java, Basket, D: 28 cm, € 400

Turban shell, polished (Turbo marmoratus), 17 cm, €175

Fiji, I ula Drissa, 39 cm, € 950